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Silicium Water - source of health and strength

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About silicium

SI (silicium) - important elementfor human life

silicium is a part of the human bone system, it is a binding element in the blood and muscles.

A particularly important role is played by silicium in the work of the brain and nervous system.

"With a silicon shortage the micro -life stops in the water."

This was known from ancient times! That is why people were laying silicium on the bottom of water wells in the old days.

Many years later only, multiple research proved the benefits of such water wells usage.


Silicium structurizes the water

The structurized water positively affects the human physiology and also improves human psychological state


Silicium normalizes the water's electrochemical compisition

The silicium is an excellent conductor, which revitalizes the water neutralizing free radicals in water


Silicum neutralizes pathogens

Being as a magnet, the silicium "absorbs" and neutralizes the bacteria and nuisance organisms

It's scientifically proven that the depletion of silicium in the body leads to health problems

Stress deepening and nervous system problems

While silicium depletion in blood the elasticity of blood vessels and their ability to react to brains commands.

As a result the peerson cannot manage the stress, which leads to nervous breakdowns and depression.

Overweight problems

The silicium takes part in metabolism of more than 70 mineral salts and vitamines.

Its shortage leads to decreasing fixation of calcium, iron, cobalt, manganese, fluorine and other substances and to metabolism disturbing.

Decrease in immunity and exposure to illnesses

The silicium dissolved in water is able to grab pathogens, i.e. viruses of flue, rheumatism, hepatitis and polyarthritis, pathogen cocci, etc., forming complex compounds with them that are excreted from the body.

Premature aging

While silicium depletion in cells of skin, bones and members of body, the energy exchange between the cells declines, the restoration slows, the body starts to age faster.

About SiENERGY water

1 L of SiENERGY water - ensures the recommended daily intake of silicium

The recommended daily intake for an adult is 20 - 50 mg of this macroelement.

To replenish this volume it is sufficient to drink 1 L of SiENERGY silicium natural structured water.

Suitable for adults and children

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Sientific search

The benefit of the SiENERGY silicium water is scientifically proven

On the basis of a research with over 200 participants it was proven that the intake of 100 ml of water results in:

  • 1. Rejuvenation of the body
  • 2. Immunity improvement
  • 3. Cleansing the body

Unique place of extraction - one of three places on Earth

Awards from the Shows are - the uniqueness confirmation


Gold medal of Gulfood 2017 International Show in Dubai


Gold medal and honorary diploma of Prodexpo International Show in Moscow

The SiENERGY silicium water is certified and meets all requirements

Feel all the benefits of silicium water


Cleansing of the body


Anti- aging


Immunity improvement


Cerebration enhancement


Blood pressure recovery


Metabolism improvement


Increasing of joints elasticity


Enhancement of mood and general state я


Improvement of energy and resistance

You can drink the silicium water in unlimited quantities

For your convenience the SiENERGY water is produced in four versions

0,38L (PETF)

Convenient for bag, always at hand

0,5L (glass)

SiENERGY premium version


Silicium daily consumption rate


Designed specially for water dispencer


We will deliver to any point of the world

Well-organized logistics allows us to send anywhere in the world

Weight and packaging
Questions and answers

Answers to frequently asked questions

You can drink the SiENERGY water at any age.

You can drink the SiENERGY water at any age.

You can drink the SiENERGY water at any age.

You can drink the SiENERGY water at any age.

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